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5 Places to Celebrate International Sushi Day in Manchester (18th June 2023)


International Sushi Day is a highly anticipated event celebrated in the United Kingdom with great enthusiasm and culinary delight. As sushi aficionados and food enthusiasts come together on this special day, various cities across the UK embrace the rich tradition and artistry of this beloved Japanese delicacy. From London to Manchester, bustling sushi bars and upscale restaurants overflow with eager patrons seeking to indulge in the exquisite flavours and textures of meticulously crafted sushi rolls, sashimi, and nigiri. Expert sushi chefs showcase their mastery, skillfully combining fresh ingredients such as tender fish, fragrant seaweed, and perfectly seasoned rice to create delectable and visually stunning creations. Sushi lovers from all walks of life gather to appreciate the harmonious blend of taste and aesthetics that sushi offers, making International Sushi Day a joyous celebration of Japanese cuisine and culture in the heart of the UK. 

Places to go

Sakura Japanese Restaurant


Ring Sushi

Nudo Sushi Box

Aka Sushi

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