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Elevating SMEs: Sustain’s Mission to Revolutionize Sustainability Practices


Form Property, a renowned name in estate management in the North-West, proudly announces the launch of their sustainability and ESG division under the new name, ‘Sustain’.

Aimed at guiding businesses towards sustainable futures, Sustain offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to support organizations at every stage of their sustainability journey.

In today’s business landscape, SMEs face mounting pressure to measure and report their sustainability efforts, particularly from larger enterprises with embedded sustainability criteria in their procurement strategies. Sustain aims to simplify these complexities, enabling SMEs to compete on a level playing field and seize new opportunities for growth.

Pioneering SME businesses can leverage the powerful and compelling branding opportunity and point of difference that sustainability affords, to create attraction, retention and a broader market base across customers and clients, talent and team, stakeholders, investors, and the wider community. Sustain helps clients to optimise operations, reduce environmental footprint, enhance health and wellbeing, and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

Sustain have developed a tiered approach of practical and relevant business solutions ranging from foundational assessments to advanced strategies, innovation, and comprehensive sustainability planning.

Form Property’s track record of managing iconic properties like No1 Spinningfields, St John’s, ABC Buildings, and Manchester Goods Yard positions them as trailblazers in this critical arena.

Form Sustain Team

“The Sustain brand story is organic, intentional, and honest. As early adopters of sustainability, we were working in a landscape that was relatively unknown and still is to some extent. With no similar business paving the way in the industry, the formation of Sustain provided a unique opportunity to deliver something authentic to the market. The Sustain team are born from a range of industries from creative, commercial, and academia to customer experience, resulting in a compelling product.
SMEs are facing increasing pressures to report, particularly from large enterprises they supply to or service. Failure to measure and report impact is excluding some from winning business where sustainability is embedded into procurement strategies. We work to simplify these complexities.”

Fatima Mohammed, Head of Sustainability and Wellbeing Services

For businesses seeking to embark on their sustainability journey or enhance their existing initiatives, Sustain offers a no-obligation health check. Contact Fatima Mohammed at fatima.mohammed@formproperty.co.uk to learn more.

Explore Sustain’s offerings and discover how sustainability can transform your business at https://www.formproperty.co.uk/our-services/form-sustain

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