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Elevating the Paloma: Manchester’s Midland Hotel Crafts Premium Cocktails with Don Julio


Manchester’s iconic hotel, The Midland, is partnering with premium tequila brand Don Julio for Paloma Week to launch Manchester’s most luxurious Paloma’s, and mark the growing love for this humble tequila-based cocktail.

A freshly curated selection of four luxury palomas will be available at The Midland from 20th – 26th May, allowing guests to sample a different aged tequila from Don Julio’s range.

Originating in Mexico in the 1950s and comprised of tequila, fresh grapefruit and soda, The Midland bar team have added modern twists to each of the four cocktails with hints of lime, agave for extra sweetness, and have swapped out grapefruit juice for a grapefruit soda to put a lighter spin on the drink.

The line up of exclusive cocktails will combine the classic taste of a Paloma with the complex flavours of various tequilas from Don Julio. Up for grabs is a Don Julio Blanco Paloma (£12), mixed with a pure and unaged tequila, a Don Julio Reposado Paloma (£13), featuring an eight-month aged tequila containing hints of dark chocolate, vanilla and light cinnamon, a Don Julio Añejo Paloma (£14), a full-bodied tequila that’s been aged for 18 months, and a Don Julio 1942 Paloma (£25), incorporating hints of warm oak, vanilla and roasted agave.

The Paloma Week cocktails will be available at The Midland Champagne Bar & Lounge all week, and will also be served in Mount Street from 23rd-26th May.

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