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Introducing rerate: Revolutionising Manchester-based Business Rates Consultancy for UK Companies


Form Property, a Manchester-based sustainable property and estate management company, are delighted to unveil the new name and brand of their business rates division.

Introducing rerate, a name that succinctly communicates the core activity of the practice and the benefit it brings to clients through its consultancy service.

Business Rates are currently one of the highest taxes the UK commercial industry has to pay. However, businesses can rerate their property, challenging the calculation and potentially making a significant saving. Business rates are well known to be complex and time-consuming, so rerate can alleviate that burden to clients.

“Our number one priority is to rerate your bill and ensure accurate valuations and refunds for our clients. We have a proven track record of success, saving £4.6 million for our clients in the 2017 Rating List and £1.54 million in the 2023 Rating List.”

Andrea Barnes, Head of Business Rates

As an independent business rates consultants, rerate handles all aspects of business rates advice, but specialises in valuation, empty rate charges, reliefs, and account management. Clients include All Work & Social, Allied London, EMH Commercial, Reform Radio, Radiant Post Productions, to name a few.

The newly launched website, www.rerate.co.uk, features a free downloadable guide to navigating the vast world of business rates.

For more information about rerate and their services, visit www.rerate.co.uk.

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