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It All Starts With A Spark: Shaping the Cultural Future of Manchester


The Council has initiated a significant dialogue with the residents of Manchester to collect input regarding the strategy aimed at placing culture at the core of the city for the upcoming decade.

The It all starts with a spark consultation is reaching out to local people along with creative, arts and cultural organisations to help guide and design a new cultural plan.  

The hope is that the next ten years for culture in Manchester isn’t just about ‘more’. 

The conversation with Manchester looks to understand what type of creativity gives our residents goosebumps – and asks for ideas big and small that will help make sure culture is at the heart of our communities. 

This could mean everything from art and performance like music, galleries and museums, to more hands-on art and craft opportunities. It might be something you do creatively yourself or what you like to see and enjoy going to like festivals and community events.  

Culture doesn’t always mean high-profile arts and entertainment – culture makes a meaningful impact in people’s lives, including cherished hobbies, social activities and art therapies.  

With the launch of the new Aviva Studios, the It all starts with a spark conversation that looks to add to the vibrancy of the city’s cultural offer, unrivalled music scene and leading art galleries and museums – marrying these attractions with a cultural revolution in our homes and communities.  

Our new decade-long plan will catapult the city forward, build on incredible investments already made, leverage our strengths and find new solutions to our joint challenges.  

The Council is inviting residents, organisations and the cultural sector to have their say by visiting startwithaspark.co.uk  

Toolkits are also available at the link to support community groups to run their own consultation sessions.  

The consultation will be open until 30 November 2023. 

“Manchester has a global reputation for arts and culture, bolstered in no small part by the opening on Aviva Studios recently. We are renowned for our nightlife, music and museums and we want to make sure that culture is an integral part of our communities over the next 10years.  

“We know Manchester people are brimming with ideas and your contributions to the It All Starts With A Spark conversation will make a real impact on what will be available to see, hear and do over the next decade. 

“This conversation involves everyone – your ideas could be big, they might be small. But they will all help guide culture in our city. We look forward to hearing what you think.” 

Cllr Luthfur Rahman, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council

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