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Jacob George: Crafting Music from the Heart and Soul


Jacob George is a singer /songwriter who crafts top-quality tunes about love, loss, mental health, and overpowering joy.

Jacob grew up on a farm surrounded by men who seemed not to feel.
Lost, alone, and out of place – he couldn’t relate to the stereotype of the unemotional man. Unable to conform, he faced abuse from the people who were supposed to love him the most. He suffered in silence.

But then, there was music.
The most inspiring sound he’d ever heard.

Jacob’s bass guitar teacher was a man so in tune with his emotions that he could turn it into art. He showed him a song he had written himself. It changed Jacob’s life, and made him want to be the songwriter he is today.
Finally, he had found his role model.

Jacob spent years writing songs in secret as a way of dealing with his feelings, but now he’s done with hiding.
He inspires and connects with those who lack creative role models in their lives and helps others find comfort in music.

His debut pop/rock single Sorry For Calling focuses on the freedom to pursue your feelings without any guilt. This upbeat banger is the soundtrack of the summer and many more to come. A rebellious coming-of-age track for anyone looking to let go.

Jacob is now releasing a second single on 14/06/24 titled ‘Swim’. He explores how it feels to be on the outside looking in, drowning in your thoughts with a burning desire to express yourself. The explosive climax of this song hits you hard.

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