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Manchester’s Winter Haven: Reopening Warm Welcome Spaces


This winter, the doors of Warm Welcome Spaces will reopen, supported by Manchester City Council’s commitment to assisting residents.

Last year there were tens of thousands of visits to places set up as non-judgemental safe spaces where people could get out of the cold.

This year the city’s 22 libraries will once again operate as ‘warm welcome spaces’, providing a range of support to people who need it.

This can range from free hot drinks, free Wi-Fi, free data SIM cards, newspapers, information and advice and extra signposting to support services in the city.

It is important to say that these spaces – locations of which can be found below – are free to enter, and can be stayed in for as long as you like.


As well as the City Council’s 22 libraries, dozens of other community and volunteer-run spaces will be taking part in the support offer this year.

“Through our Warm Welcoming Spaces offer we are extending a helping hand to people who may be struggling this winter.

“Through this scheme we want to help tackle poverty and isolation and show, that help is always available to people in Manchester who may be finding things difficult.

“In Manchester no one should be cold this winter and I am proud that once again our communities are pulling together to support our vulnerable residents.”

Councillor Joanna Midgley, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council

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