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Peaky Blinders Unveiled Manchester’s Industrial Charm to the World


Manchester, renowned for its industrial strength and innovation, gained global recognition through the popular TV show Peaky Blinders. The captivating tales of the Shelby family unveiled the city’s distinct industrial charm to viewers worldwide.

Where was Peaky Blinders filmed?

Although the show is famously located in Birmingham’s Small Heath area, filming has primarily taken place in the north west region, utilising the atmospheric streets and waterways of Manchester and Liverpool to portray Brum in the action.

Film crews and the show’s star Cillian Murphy who plays Tommy were spotted out in Castlefield and Manchester for filming over several weeks in the spring and summer of 2021.

While a range of Manchester’s old cobbled streets have been used in past series to double as Birmingham, for series six the whole of Castlefield was taken over for several weeks to fully embody 1930s Small Heath.

The real Small Heath is an area south east of Birmingham, where the real Peaky Blinders were thought to have first emerged, terrorising the streets from the 1890s through to the 1910s.

Peaky Blinders’ director Anthony Byrne took over Castlefield for filming to recreate the show’s Garrison Lane and Small Heath. The location was chosen for its atmospheric blend of canals, bridges, and cobbled streets.

Castlefield, when not serving as a film set, is a popular destination on the city’s outskirts due to its canal-side establishments.

We hope we’ve helped you to discover where Peaky Blinders was filmed in Manchester and how the city represented Birmingham in the popular TV show.

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