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Places to Play Chess in Manchester – International Chess Day (20/07/2023)


International Chess Day is a globally celebrated occasion that highlights the rich history, strategic brilliance, and intellectual allure of the game of chess. Observed annually on July 20th, this special day brings together chess enthusiasts from around the world to promote the game’s universal appeal and its significant contributions to culture, education, and social interaction. It serves as a platform to recognize the profound impact chess has on cognitive development, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and fostering a spirit of healthy competition. On International Chess Day, players of all ages and skill levels come together to participate in tournaments, exhibitions, online events, and educational programs, embracing the timeless beauty and enduring legacy of this remarkable game. It is a day to celebrate the global chess community, honour the accomplishments of chess players, and inspire future generations to embark on their own chess journey.

Places to Play Chess in Manchester

University of Manchester Chess Society

Northenden Chess Club

Manchester Social Chess Club

Heywood Chess Club

Urmston Chess Club

Swinton & Worsley Chess Club

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