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Festive Feasting: Unveiling Manchester’s Christmas Dinner Trends


The study revealed that in Manchester, a significant 63% of residents insist on the traditional turkey as a vital part of their celebration with 20% also adding slices of roast beef to the meal, with gravy being the most popular accompanying element favoured by 58% of residents. 

In the selection of the top three trimmings, roast potatoes took the lead, comprising 26% of preferences, closely trailed by pigs in blankets at 16% and Brussels sprouts at 9%.

When it came to the top three post-meal nibbles, residents were indecisive, with 29% opting for a combination of mince pies and Christmas pudding, while 20% favoured a cheese board.

How does this compare to the rest of the UK? 

The study found that for the UK, as a whole, the traditional roast Turkey still reigns as the favourite Christmas centrepiece with over half (54%) of respondents claiming this is the main that will be featured on most dinner plates this festive season. Following far behind in joint second place, 22% of Brits opt for roast beef or roast chicken as their Christmas plate main instead.   

When it comes to the Christmas trimmings, the humble potato takes the lead with nearly a quarter (24%) of all respondents saying roast potatoes are non-negotiable at Christmas. These are followed by pigs in blankets (20%) while, perhaps unexpectedly, Brussels sprouts came third as the most anticipated trimming by 1 in 10 Brits.   

As for condiments, the classic complimentary sauce for turkey will still feature on the plate for the majority with 28% choosing cranberry sauce, however, 16% will be having mint sauce instead, despite roast lamb not being named as a top meat choice.  

Surprisingly though for what is essentially a British roast, only 44% of respondents said they will be having gravy with their meal, meaning over half will be eating their Christmas dinner without this roast meal staple. 

You can find the full results of the study here: https://www.currys.co.uk/techtalk/kitchen-and-home/yule-britannia-a-uk-christmas.html 

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