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The Generator: Powering Manchester’s Economic Growth with Innovative Workspace Solutions


Earlier this month, the city centre welcomed a groundbreaking addition to its business landscape—The Generator. This new enterprise hub is designed to cater to businesses and freelancers, offering affordable and flexible workspace solutions.

Beyond just space, The Generator provides complimentary access to a comprehensive range of business information support, making it an invaluable resource for the modern professional.

The Generator hub is designed to help drive economic growth and innovation in Manchester by creating a space where pre-start and start-up businesses can work, learn, network, and grow.

It is situated in the Town Hall Extension on St Peter’s Square, making it a convenient location for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and hybrid workers who seek to work in an innovative and easily accessible environment without breaking the bank.

It includes breakout areas, collaborative and meeting spaces, workspaces, and private zones to meet the diverse needs of users. It will also host various social and business events to help plug members into a supportive and inspiring network.

It’s designed to be more than just a physical workspace; it aims to foster a community of collaboration and creativity. By sitting next to the Central Library, it leverages the library’s resources and environment, providing a unique blend of traditional and modern workspaces.

Working closely with the Business and IP Centre (BIPC) Greater Manchester, Generator aims to be not only a co-working space but also a hive for business growth. Members will benefit from expert advice, one-to-one business information support, and a pathway to £5 million worth of business resources via the BIPC.

Customers will also be able to find out about the Build A Business in GM Libraries business support programme, offering access to workshops and advice for start-ups and new businesses.

“Launching the Generator in the heart of the city marks the first stage of a multistage project that will eventually include four sites across Manchester. This modern, accessible space in the Town Hall Extension is perfect for freelancers and startup and its location next to Manchester Central Library, with its renowned business and IP centre will make this a win win for anyone starting up who wants some collaborative space in the heart of the city centre.”

Leader of Manchester City Council, Councillor Bev Craig

The project has been made possible by funding from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund(UKSPF) and Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) working with Manchester City Council.

The next site opens in Ancoats later in spring. More details about Generator can be found at www.generatormcr.org.

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