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“Japanese Fighting Heroes”: Jamie Ryder’s Debut Unveils the Spirit of Japan’s Legendary Figures


Manchester-based author Jamie Ryder has released his debut non-fiction book Japanese Fighting Heroes: Warriors, Samurai and Ronins in the UK.

Japanese mythology is filled with stories of larger-than-life characters that shaped the landscape of Japan. They are the folk heroes who slayed monsters, fought in epic battles and reflected the most complicated emotions of the people who created them.

Through a mix of essays, short stories and anecdotes, Japanese Fighting Heroes follows the lives of samurai, warriors, outliers and iconoclasts who forged their own paths. Legendary fighters like the demon-killing Minamoto no Yorimitsu, philosophising samurai Miyamoto Musashi and the One-Eyed Dragon Date Masamune.

Creative heroes like the father of Japanese short stories Ryunosuke Akutagawa, the immortal poet Ono no Komachi, the hilarious Sei Shonagon and her insight into human nature. Trailblazers who broke down barriers like the feminist Hiratsuka Raicho, the statesman Fukuzawa Yukichi, the photographic genius Hiroshi Hamaya.

These Japanese folk heroes led fascinating lives that provide insight into our own through the principles and practices they lived by. They struggled with universal ideals of honour, duty, courage and kindness, helping them transcend their culture.

Whether you’re looking to learn about Japanese culture or pick up new mental health and leadership habits, these heroes can teach us timeless lessons. Japanese Fighting Heroes captures the essence of what it means to be human in any culture.

Jamie Ryder

“Japanese culture is becoming more and more popular in the UK and it’s become a mission of mine to try and raise as much awareness about it as possible in Manchester and beyond. To educate people about various aspects of the culture from food and drink to history and philosophy.

I’ve found Japanese philosophy and mental health practices to be helpful in my own life and I wanted to share some of those insights in Japanese Fighting Heroes. You don’t have to know anything about Japan or have travelled there to take something away from the book.

It’s ideal for casual readers and business owners who’d like to learn more about different wisdom traditions and incorporate them into how they run their companies.”

Author Jamie Ryder has this to say about the release


Jamie Ryder is the founder of Yamato Magazine, a Manchester-based publication that celebrates Japanese culture worldwide. A qualified sake sommelier and copywriter, Ryder helps mental health, hospitality and tech brands make more connections, leads and sales through the written word.

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